Productivity: What We?ve Found

Inspiring ways to increase your office productivity.

Productivity: What We?ve Found

In our office we differentiate the days like we do our desks: based on each person?s needs. We believe that those small, but situational differences can make a big jump in our productivity. If you work better standing up or taking little jaunts around the office, make your desk something that you can stand up with. If you like hard rock and our Pandora station for the day isn?t suiting you, plug in those earphones. Who are we to halt your Led Zeppelin addiction?

Productivity is a noun meaning, ?the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services,? according to

Increasing the rate of that noun pulsing through your brain is a key driver in any company. Unfortunately, it?s not always easy. I mean, how do you help someone increase his or her productivity if his or her motivations are different from yours?

Since we don?t have an answer to that horribly rhetorical question, I thought I?d point out some of the helpful information I?ve read, as well as our office’s best practices. Recent discussions between psychologists (and everyone else with a M.D.) lead us to analyze what causes deficiencies so we can understand what basic do?s and don?ts can lead to brighter faces, bigger smiles, and a higher ROI.

Dr. Alice Boyes of Psychology Today broke down the basic 15 things to increase our workplace productivity. Our favorites are the ‘shitty draft’ and ‘internet-off’ app.?Who doesn?t like to turn horribly written copy into golden-plated, online bites of genius? And as for the app that makes us shut off- consider us fans of Freedom. It?s a $10 beauty that helps you gain an infinite number of hours back in productivity without the internet.

Our favorite ways to increase our own productivity are here:

– Cat nap on lunch
– Run the office stairs 5x
– Chug 2 bottles of cold water
– Give a coworker our Facebook password during a busy week
– Change the desk to a stand up desk every other day
– Wake up an hour early every Wednesday to work out before work
– Bring earplugs to work
– Keep a running list of victories throughout the day
– Set an alarm on your phone to make sure you have an end-of-day deadline
– Turn off your phone one night a work week

What are your best habits to increase productivity at work?

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