It’s No Accident: Smart Phone Apps Facilitate Fender Bender Claims

Popular smartphone driving apps.

It’s No Accident: Smart Phone Apps Facilitate Fender Bender Claims

The thoughts that run through a driver’s head when another vehicle collides with them can vary depending on the individual. The angry person wants to strangle the other driver; the anxious person wonders how they’ll get to work tomorrow; and the younger person may just want to call their mom.?Automobile accidents?happen every minute across the country and are one of the more stressful, and possibly deadly, situations anybody can be involved in. Thankfully there are a number of popular smart phone apps that can assist drivers through the entire process.

Insurance Company Apps

Apps Word on Freeway Sign - Application StoreSeveral car insurance companies now offer some sort of accident app, such as the?Hartford Mobile App. These apps provide a simple way to contact the claims department and report the accident immediately. Users can access accident checklists, seamlessly collect information from the other driver, and even get assistance finding a rental. Most insurance company apps, however, are only compatible with either Android or iPhone, not both.

Wreckcheck Mobile App

The National Association of Insurance Commissioner developed this handy app in response to a revealing survey it conducted this year. Wreckcheck gives accident victims step-by-step instructions as to what they should do from start to finish. The NAIC found that 40 percent of survey respondents believed they had to share their drivers license information, and another 30 percent willingly share personal phone numbers and home addresses. Not only are the aforementioned steps unnecessary, but the NAIC says this is an easy way to fall victim to identity theft. Wreckcheck also provides tips for staying calm, to capture and upload photos, and to email the finished report to yourself and insurance provider.

Car Accident Sidekick App

This is the only auto accident reporting application that has a five-star rating in the iTunes app store. This free app features an accident scene locator, which will tell you the nearest cross streets in case you’re uncertain of your location. It also offers several emergency tools, including a voice recorder and a built-in flashlight function. One feature that makes it stand out from similar apps is the real-time GPS “best attorneys” locator, which is especially handy when major injuries or death results from the accident.


Drunken drivers?were involved in 31 percent of all fatal car crashes in 2010, according to the National Highway Administration. The R-U-Buzzed mobile app can help prevent you from being involved in an accident while drinking (or being?arrested for DUI). The app allows users to enter their height, weight, sex and what they drank that night to determine a fairly-accurate blood-alcohol level. The readings aren’t 100 percent exact because metabolic rates and age can factor into BAL. However, if the app says you shouldn’t drive, it would be wise to oblige.

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