How to Organize, Plan and Execute Steady Content for Your Site

How to Organize, Plan and Execute Steady Content for Your Site

How to Organize, Plan and Execute Steady Content for Your Site

Having a steady stream of content is an important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, one of the most crucial steps for your blog is getting your content organized and planned out. While it is possible to generate content on the fly, this can lead to an unsteady content creation schedule and be a detriment to your business.

Below we’re going to show you an easy process for planning, organizing and executing your own content strategy for your company’s blog:

Take Stock of Your Current Content

Before you start planning, it is helpful to take stock of your current assets. This includes old blog posts, guest posts or other content outposts that are present either offsite or onsite.

Is any of this older content still working? If it’s driving traffic, getting shared consistently or has high levels of engagement, then that’s good news. If not, that just means you need to adjust your blogging strategy.

Create New Content

Effective blogging requires a certain style of content. The following process will help you plan, create and organize your blog posts effectively:

  • Brainstorm Topics: Come up with as many ideas for blog posts as you possibly can. Make sure the focus of each post is to provide value to your readers. It’s okay to promote your services, but always deliver value first.
  • Know Your Audience: Who is your ideal customer? When you set out to create a post, make sure you have an idea of who you’re writing for. This ensures your message resonates and your post serves a specific need.
  • Create a Content Calendar: An editorial calendar enables you to plan and track your content creation efforts. This helps keep your blog up to date and ensures you have a steady stream of content that’s ready to publish. Maintaining a consistent content schedule has a ton of benefits for your business. It builds trust in your readers, and they’ll start to view you as an authority. Additionally, Google values your site more highly and you’ll start to see an increase in your search engine traffic.
  • Experiment With Content Styles: It’s important to create versatile content until you land on a content type your audience loves. For instance, your audience may enjoy short-form content, videos and infographics over extremely in-depth and long-form posts. The only way to figure out the content type that’s right for your business is to constantly experiment.
  • Track and Tweak Your Results: Lastly, you want to make sure you’re tracking your efforts. Even a free tool like Google Analytics will do the trick. This helps you see which style of posts are the most effective and will be of most benefit to your business.

By following the steps above, you’ll be well on your way toward a consistent content strategy that gets you results.

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