How to Combine Your Social Media and Content Marketing

How to Combine Your Social Media and Content Marketing

How to Combine Your Social Media and Content Marketing

How’s your content marketing program moving along? Are you creating great content on your company blog, landing pages and product pages? Congratulations! That’s a great start for any marketing-driven business.

But your great content may languish on your website without a coordinated effort to distribute it on social media channels and connected industry outlets. And that’s not a win for anyone. With a little effort, you can double your content marketing effectiveness with social media distribution.

Set up your strategy

Strategic thinking about your content and intended audience is crucial to your success. Before creating content for external clients or internal departments make sure to:

  • Ask the right questions: Ask about intended audiences, customer personas, content tone and depth of content through focused interviews and information-capturing processes.
  • Make a plan for your content: Brainstorm for creative aspects. Create a six-month content calendar that targets your audience.
  • Create excellent content: Make sure your content is as perfect and interesting as it can be. With so much content competition out there, it’s important to grab your readers’ attention.

Distribute your content

Think of your blog as a nest for content. Your posts, case studies, company interviews and white papers are your baby birds. Let that content fly out of your nest and bring back followers. Smart social distribution can be the missing element you need. Try these tips:

  • Write your post, share the link on your company’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook feeds.
  • Repurpose your blog post image by sharing it on Pinterest and Instagram with a link to the article on your blog. Use hashtags with images to find your intended audience.
  • Is your content heavy on statistics? Create three to five slides of any relevant stats and post it on SlideShare, and link back to your blog content.

Use social tools

Here are a few emerging tools to help any content marketer:

  • Social Media: Many online marketing pros use social tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social to make their social sharing easy, quick and flexible. If you’re still using native Twitter and Facebook apps for your content sharing, it may be time to step up your game to one of these other tools.
  • Video: Video is increasingly crucial to content marketing success. The IAB predicts serious growth for original video creation in the next three to five years. To  get your video action up to speed, Buffer Social lists out pros and cons of six simple video editing tools to grow your content capabilities. These include: Nutshell, Magisto, Animoto, Videoshop, iMovie App and iMovie for Macs.
  • Analytics: You need to understand how your content is doing to better reach your target audience. One of the most popular tools is Google Analytics, but services like Hootsuite and Buffer also come with their own analytics tools. Business 2 Community lists several other analytics tools that are helpful for content marketers, including Follwerwonk, which helps you learn more about your Twitter followers, and Quintly, which helps you track and analyze your competitors on social media.

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