Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do? How does it work?

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, SocialMonsters is a digital PR agency with a novel approach. Our team takes on the task of sorting through ideas, finding sources and managing writers to deliver a complete story tailored to your audience. We collaborate to develop the right shareworthy story at the right time to help you increase reader engagement. Each SocialMonsters article includes ideation, research, writing, editing, search and social optimization.

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How is this different from a guest post?

We aim to be an extension of your editorial team, delivering custom content on a regular basis. This is not a one-off guest post. SocialMonsters content is created and delivered with the “3 Cs” always at the core:

  • Customized – we create content for your audience in your tone and voice
  • Collaborative – we work with you to develop the right angle for your site
  • Curated – we identify the most relevant sources and authoritative writers

Will this content be exclusive to my site?

Yes, all written content is exclusive to your site. At times our infographics may also be published elsewhere. You will be notified if this is the case.

Who owns the content?

You do. Upon publishing, ownership (including editorial rights) is transferred to you, the publisher. Accompanying images and/or videos also come with licensable use.

Who writes the content?

We feature an in-house team of content planners, writers and editors. Additional U.S.-based freelance writers are sometimes used where category expertise can provide value to the content.

Are these marketing and promotional pieces?

No. We do work with our clients to raise interest in and awareness of a topic, but our content is not written to be promotional or to push a specific commercial marketing initiative. Articles do not contain direct marketing messages. All content is editorial, balanced and published at your discretion, and we encourage you to only publish pieces you feel offer value to your readership. You have full editorial control.

How can I help shape the content, ensuring it will be valuable to my readership?

  • Keep in communication with your SocialMonsters representative.
  • Suggest story ideas or content themes that work best for your audience.
  • Share your editorial calendar with us. We will determine which stories we can produce for you.
  • Promote it! Share the content socially to both enhance your readership and engage your current audience.

How often will I receive content?

Exact frequency can vary. We are often able to increase frequency for our most trustworthy partners over time and as needs arise.

Do you have clients?

Yes, like all PR agencies we have clients. And we build content to support our client’s objectives, but we only produce stories with editorial balance, insight and tangible takeaways for the reader. We do not create in a bubble. We huddle with our publishers to create content that fits each individual site’s tone, voice and editorial mission.

How does a site qualify to join the SocialMonsters publishing network?

Our publisher network is currently invitation-only and we only work with sites that meet our partnership standards. Among other things, we look at overall site quality, content tone and depth, posting frequency and category relevance. If you would like to receive an invitation, apply here and a SocialMonsters team member will be in touch.

What happens if I want to discontinue at some point?

You may opt out of the program at any time. There is no commitment or contract. We do, however, appreciate some notice as we allocate valuable resources to content planning and production.

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