Everyone is in Marketing

Decrease your marketing costs and increase the participation, loyalty, and effectiveness of your employees with these tips.

Everyone is in Marketing

If your goal in the office is to increase your company?s incoming revenue, you are familiar with the basics of marketing: bigger, better, more. Seriously though, if your job is to increase the ROI for your company, creating a flexible marketing plan that is accessible and permeable to all divisions of your company is the way to get the most with less.

Integrating general marketing practices in every employee?s toolbox can decrease your marketing costs and increase the participation, loyalty, and effectiveness of your employees.?I recommend the following themes be integrated into the daily habits of your employees.


A few times a quarter, encourage individuals or groups of employees to set up brainstorming sessions with the marketing and advertising team. Individuals on the front lines of customer service operations, sales, usability, or production lines, know the product better than the back of their hand.

People who spend day-in and day-out living the company?s goals are inherently in tune with the best attributes of what you do, as well as what you can work on. Putting them next to someone that works to market that product will increase the marketing and advertising team’s knowledge of the true realities of what their co-workers are creating and dealing with.

Domino?s is a class act. Customer?s complained, staff noticed, and then they changed. All through brainstorming and collaboration.


Social Media

Some bosses discourage social media use in the workplace?for fear of scattered attention and lost productivity. ?One man?s trash is another man?s treasure,? could be a better outlook.

If your staff is willing to spend part of their lunch breaks on Facebook, cue them in on the benefits of checking in to the company page.

More follows and likes to the company profile can mean more business, better relationships with existing clients, and a higher ROI on behalf of everyone?s efforts.


For the staffer: getting paid to check out what your social media counterparts are doing on behalf of your work should be rewarding. Think of it as a refresher course on the big picture of your work.


Lastly, consider building a few annual campaigns within the office. Whether the campaign focuses on giving back to the community, taking up a mentor in the office, or coordinating a pot luck, having events centered around a theme (and having them consistently) can be a huge benefit.

Just like the icebreakers during college orientation, forced fun is only forced if you let it be. Help your staff get excited about the event with manageable workloads preceding the event and friendly reminders throughout the week.

All of these efforts can contribute to consistent cheaper marketing efforts for your company because they raise company morale. Raising employee morale increases the likelihood that your staff will praise their work outside of the office and, thus, turn on their own networks to what you?re doing.

?In small increments, these efforts could really pay off for your team!


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