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About SocialMonsters

SocialMonsters formed around a simple proposition: Let’s help publishers move their sites forward.

In 2012, we set our sights on becoming a digital PR company with a novel approach: Our story would be complete.

Today, we’re more than just a pitch machine or a source suggestion tool. SocialMonsters has developed a unique model that seamlessly fills gaps in your editorial calendar, enables consistent posting and guarantees content relevant to your audience.

We don’t just pitch you and leave you.

Our team takes on the task of sorting through ideas, finding sources and managing writers to deliver a complete story tailored to your audience. We collaborate to develop the right shareworthy story at the right time to help you engage readers and move the needle on site traffic.


Our Model

Brands employ the SocialMonsters team to share messaging with a targeted readership. Yes, we build stories around our client’s objectives, but we only produce stories with editorial balance, insight and tangible takeaways for the reader. And, we don’t create in a bubble. We  collaborate. We huddle with our publishers to create content that fits each individual site’s tone, voice and editorial mission.

Read our FAQs to learn more about our unique approach. Or contact us here.


Our Team

Based in Phoenix, Ariz, our in-house writers, editors and strategists are divided into nimble industry-specific teams. Delivering both evergreen and trending content, our creative team stands at over 50 employees and is growing rapidly.

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