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Why choose Social Monsters?

We get it.

As a publisher, your world is a constant push to share compelling content that keeps your audience engaged. Yet sifting through the daily barrage of press releases and pitches takes resources. Plus, you need contributors with authoritative voices. How do you churn out great content in a way that moves the needle on your traffic.

How we help.

SocialMonsters lives and breathes content. As a digital PR company, we craft outstanding custom content that drives your traffic and engagement. We study your digital assets and brand messaging. We collaborate with you on your brand initiatives. We huddle with our editorial team and deliver viral content to your virtual doorstep.

Let’s Do This.

By becoming a SocialMonsters publishing partner, you are assured of the highest quality, relevant content from a trusted, reliable source. Our content planners, writers, editors and designers become an extension of your publishing team. Call us your secret weapon. Apply to become a publisher today and let’s get you rolling in content.

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